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new song!

2009-05-11 22:15:45 by LukemsUndead

NEW song posted. Lady luck is such a whore.
Check it out kiddies! you should eat some dinner to fill your mouth hole, then sleep and wake up for work.


2009-04-29 19:07:58 by LukemsUndead

i have LEVELED UP!
how exciting right?? level 4... i feel like a monster moose with a chainsaw!
cutting his way through humans! lol JK
like this little moose i drew for a friend!


"your music sucks"

2009-04-21 11:54:14 by LukemsUndead

i just joined newgrounds a couple of weeks ago. planning on uploading techno music, which i did. i was secretly wanting newgrounds to maybe like it. haha funny right! but those dreams are dead. i am still working on more music and if you like it tell me and leave reviews. maybe after i get some pointers, i'll be able to become a little more creative.
my goal is to make a CD and hopefully get it out. its pretty far fetched idea, considering my music skills are not developed enough yet.